Ladyface, Sun and Clouds

The photograph of Ladyface and the setting sun was taken from Lasky Mesa during an afternoon run in Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve (Ahmanson Ranch). Related post: Longer Late Afternoon Runs

Ladyface After the Woolsey Fire

In January, on my way to do a run on the Backbone Trail, I stopped for a moment along Kanan Road to see if the ridges on the east side of Ladyface peak were still accessible. I didn’t see any obvious access issues and made a mental note to get back and do the peak … Continue reading Ladyface After the Woolsey Fire

After the Woolsey Fire: Ladyface from the Backbone Trail

Ladyface, a popular peak in Agoura Hills, stands above a sea of fog filling the low-lying areas of Malibu Creek State Park. The photograph is from a section of the Backbone Trail near Saddle Peak. None of the Backbone Trail EAST of Malibu Canyon was burned in the Woolsey Fire. Here is a 18 second … Continue reading After the Woolsey Fire: Ladyface from the Backbone Trail

Ladyface Sunset

Ladyface is the peak left of center. It’s west of Kanan Rd. just south of the 101 Freeway. Sandstone Peak, the highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains, is in the distance on the right. From this evening’s run on Lasky Mesa. Some related posts: Ladyface Loop, Ladyface the Long Way, Sandstone Peak from Wendy … Continue reading Ladyface Sunset