Running Between Raindrops: Chumash Trailhead to Rocky Peak

Was that thunder? I warily eyed the dark clouds over the mountains and pondered the situation. I was about halfway to the top of the Chumash Trail and was planning to run along the crest to Rocky Peak. The run had started in short sleeves and sunshine, but it was pretty obvious that wasn’t going … Continue reading Running Between Raindrops: Chumash Trailhead to Rocky Peak

Chilly Rocky Peak

Rocky Peak Road is one of my go-to wet weather running spots. The sandy soil — thanks to the Chatsworth Formation sandstone — doesn’t cake on your shoes when it’s wet. It isn’t entirely mud-free, but as long as you don’t mind a few steep hills, it’s a good choice when the weather turns wet. … Continue reading Chilly Rocky Peak

Rocky Peak 50K 2018

I had the date wrong! I thought the Rocky Peak 50K was the Saturday following the Skyline to the Sea trail marathon and had decided I wouldn’t be able to run it. When I got back from Santa Cruz, I checked some upcoming races on UltraSignup and discovered Rocky Peak was on October 20th, rather … Continue reading Rocky Peak 50K 2018

Races, Ravens and Running in Rocky Peak Park

Been enjoying the views from Rocky Peak Road a lot this past month. That’s Simi Valley, with Boney Mountain in the distance. On a clear day the view extends to the Channel Islands. That viewpoint is at about mile 4.5 of the Bandit 50K/30K/15K and there are many other superb views along the way. This … Continue reading Races, Ravens and Running in Rocky Peak Park

San Fernando Valley from Near Rocky Peak

In short sleeves and shorts it was cold. The wind gusts were so strong that I could not hold the camera steady. Dropping down on one knee helped, but I still had to time the shots for the 10-15 mph “calm” between the 20-30 mph gusts. After generating some rain and snow in Southern California, … Continue reading San Fernando Valley from Near Rocky Peak

Mountain Lion Tracks on Rocky Peak Road

Found these mountain lion tracks on Rocky Peak Road while doing the Chumash – Las Llajas loop this morning. The pattern of the tracks suggest the animal was walking. Based on how soft the ground was at the time the tracks were made I’m going to guess they were probably put down sometime after 1:00 … Continue reading Mountain Lion Tracks on Rocky Peak Road

Rocky Peak Heat

Simi Valley and the Pacific Coast from Rocky Peak Road What better way to recover from the Bulldog 50K than running Ahmanson and Rocky Peak on two of the hottest days of the year? Yesterday, Pierce College in Woodland Hills hit a scorching 111°F, and then today 109°F. At the start of today’s run it … Continue reading Rocky Peak Heat

Rocky Peak Vernal Pool

One of about a dozen vernal pools in the Rocky Peak area. More than just a puddle, these rainy season pools form as a result of the area’s unique geology. In my experience, excessive rainfall is not necessary for the pools to form. Normal month-to-month seasonal precipitation is usually sufficient. Their persistence depends on several … Continue reading Rocky Peak Vernal Pool

Rocky Peak Rainstorm

Clouds swirled around me as I worked up the steep trail toward an overlook near Rocky Peak. I stopped and listened to the patter of the rain against the rocks, its intensity rising and falling with the gusts of wind. The wind-driven rain trickled down my face, tasting cool and clean. It didn’t matter that … Continue reading Rocky Peak Rainstorm