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No doubt about it, waterfalls have a special attraction. Angel Falls, Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls, Yosemite Falls — people travel the world and spend thousands to see them.

They are the five star hikes in guidebooks, and THE iconic image of the outdoors. They are so compelling that I have been running on a trail along a dry creek, on a 100 degree summer day, when it hasn’t rained for months, and been asked, “How far is it to the waterfall?”

To be an attraction they need not be big, spectacular, or even flowing. One of the most popular hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains is the mile-plus hike from Temescal Gateway Park to the ephemeral 10 ft. cascades of Temescal Canyon Falls.

Waterfalls must tweak our aesthetic being in such a way we just can’t resist. If you spend much time in the outdoors, or even if you don’t, you’ve probably done at least one hike to see a waterfall.

Here’s a California State Park Press Release from 2006 listing some waterfalls in, or near, California’s State Parks.