La Nina Fades as SoCal Rain Season Nears End

Sun-parched mustard leaf at Ahmanson Ranch.

It’s been late February since Southern California has had a good soaking rain. As of May 1, the water year rainfall total for Downtown Los Angeles (USC) stands at 13.42 inches. This is 90% of the 1921-2006 average of 14.87 inches. According to the NWS 1921-2006 dataset, the average amount of precipitation in May and June is 0.3 inch and 0.1 inch, respectively. We’ll see if we get that much this year!

La Niña appears to be winding down.  In it’s April 30 ENSO Wrap-Up, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology characterizes Pacific climate patterns as being generally neutral, “with the majority of indicators returning to near-normal levels.” The April 28 ENSO Update from the CPC suggests that La Niña will continue through May-July 2008, but many of the factors discussed indicate general weakening of La Niña. Based on the ONI and MEI, La Nina conditions have existed since about August of 2007.

The photograph of the sun-parched mustard leaf is from a run at Ahmanson Ranch on April 29, 2008.

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