Miracle Whitewater Slalom 2009

Keith Kishiyama paddling the 9-10-11 sequence on Saturday.

Good friends, good weather, and good paddling at the 2009 Miracle Whitewater Slalom at the Miracle Hot Springs Slalom Course on the Kern River!

Rebecca Giddens adjusting gates for the 2009 Miracle Sllalom Race
Olympians Eric and Rebecca Giddens set an interesting course with several gate sequences that had not been done in previous Miracle races. Racers found the 4-5-6 offset and  8-9-10-11 cross current sequences to be particularly challenging. Here’s a short  video of Keith Kishiyama paddling gates 7 thru 11. (Same video on Facebook.)

Saturday, Eric and Junior National Team member Nick Wilkening gave a pre-race paddling clinic, giving paddlers the beta on how to paddle the course fast and clean.

Thanks to everyone that paddled and helped with the race! Results will be posted on the KVRC web site soon.