Chumash Trail Mule Deer

I saw a flash of brown through the bushes on the trail ahead. I stopped as a deer emerged from a switchback. The doe was walking slowly up the trail with her mule-like ears turned back toward me. I said something like, “Where are you going?” She turned toward me and stared quizzically. As I … Continue reading Chumash Trail Mule Deer

Running Between Raindrops: Chumash Trailhead to Rocky Peak

Was that thunder? I warily eyed the dark clouds over the mountains and pondered the situation. I was about halfway to the top of the Chumash Trail and was planning to run along the crest to Rocky Peak. The run had started in short sleeves and sunshine, but it was pretty obvious that wasn’t going … Continue reading Running Between Raindrops: Chumash Trailhead to Rocky Peak

Chumash Trail Clouds and Sun

Instability associated with an upper low resulted in some pop-up showers and thunderstorms today. As I ran up the Chumash Trail on the east side of the Simi Valley I kept a close eye on a cell that developed near Ladyface in the Agoura Hills. That cell didn’t track as much to the east as … Continue reading Chumash Trail Clouds and Sun

Category Is: Things Found on the Chumash Trail

What the… Until I saw the water bottle and that the person was talking on a cell phone, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. Then there was the rattlesnake — well actually, the two rattlesnakes! Here’s an video snapshot of one of them. This is an average size Southern Pacific rattlesnake. Because of our … Continue reading Category Is: Things Found on the Chumash Trail

Chumash Trail Green

It’s now been 17 days since there’s been measurable rain at Downtown Los Angeles (USC). A trace of rain was recorded on a couple of days, but for the time being a big blocking ridge has shut the door on Pacific precipitation. So far this January, only 0.58 of rain has been recorded, which is … Continue reading Chumash Trail Green