Moonrises and Sunsets

Moonrises and Sunsets

As I ran out the Main Drag at Ahmanson Ranch I was trying to decide where — and how far — to run.

Saturday I was planning to do a hilly 25K race and didn’t want to overdo it. But it was one of those unique late afternoons after the change from Daylight Savings Time — the running was excellent and the opportunity for a good photograph promising.

So where to run? Yesterday I’d run down the Main Drag and up the “Beast” to Lasky Mesa. The moon had been rising and I’d been intrigued by a composition involving a hay shed, alpenglow and the moon. Hmmm, if the high clouds did not get too thick, the moon would be rising a little later, and there might be another photo opportunity up on Lasky Mesa.

On the other hand, the high clouds had a look that reminded me of an exceptional sunset here a few years before. That could also be interesting IF the sunset happened, and IF I was in a place where I could get a good shot. But being in the right place at the right time was going to involve a run that was a little longer than I’d planned.

I took a chance and did the longer run. On the way back, the moon had risen over the hills to east, and within the veil of striated high clouds it looked spectacular. There was still no color from the sunset and it was getting dark. Oh well, maybe I should have just done the loop on Lasky Mesa.

Then as I started to run down a short hill, I glanced back and saw a slight tinge of pink developing on the fringe of some of the clouds. I turned around and headed back to the west. The lighting was changing fast, but it didn’t take long to find a decent spot and get the photograph I’d visualized.

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