Secret Trail Variations

Rock Formations Along Calabasas Peak Fire Road

Rock Formations Along Calabasas Peak Fire Road

There are several good trail runs that start at the trailhead for the Secret Trail on Mulholland Highway in Calabasas. All are a mix of single track trail and dirt road. The longer options listed incorporate segments of the Backbone Trail. Mileages and elevation gain/loss are approximate.

  • Out & Back to Calabasas Peak: 4.25 miles 870′ gain/loss
  • Out & Back to Stunt Road: 7.5 miles 1500′ gain/loss
  • Out & Back to Saddle Peak: 15.5 miles 3300′ gain/loss
  • Secret Trail to Malibu Canyon via Saddle Peak: 14.3 miles 2600 gain’ 3600′ loss

Following yesterday’s Mt. Disappointment training run, I was looking to do something without a huge elevation gain (Kenyon Devore was plenty) and not too long. The out and back to Stunt Road was the perfect run for the day.

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