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Sunset and Moonrise Miles are Free

Sunset and Moonrise Miles are Free

Long colors spread across the sky, flamboyant and vivid, fading with time.

Gravity is suspended and the world glides effortlessly by.

In growing darkness warm hillsides cling to the day and cold canyons foretell the night.

Running is more by feel than by sight.

A full December moon rises, eerie in the clouds. Coyotes yip, yip, yip on a nearby hill.

An owl waits, and then fills the silence with a hoot, hoot, hooo…

I switch on my headlamp and it all disappears.

Follow the Wind, Run to the Sky

Clouds over Lasky Mesa, near Los Angeles

Follow the wind,
Run to the sky.
Find what you’re searching for,
Near or far.

Even in Southern California, Spring can be a fitful beast. This afternoon the temperature was in the low 50s, and the wind was blowing hard enough it was difficult to take a photograph. Just one week ago it had been a stifling 95 degrees — a temperature swing of more than 40 degrees.

Garapito Trail Green

Garapito Trail in Topanga State Park.

Not the green of shamrocks or jade, or an emerald sea,
but of new growth along a trail, softly seen

From a run of the Trailer Canyon – Trippet Ranch loop, described in Garapito Trail Runs.

Here is a Live Browser View of the run.

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